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Back in 2008 when Playtech released Gladiator, it raised the bar for online slots. Even to this day, you'll be hard-pressed to find too many online slot games that can compete graphically with the Gladiator slots (there is also a Jackpot version incidentally). You might argue that Playtech's The Mummy looks a bit better but it's not as good to play as Gladiator. In fact, even considering The Mummy, I think Gladiator is the best looking game of all those on the free slots website - just my subjective opinion. Plus, it's a better game.

The key to Gladiator is the free spin feature (isn't it always?). However there is a unique feature here. I say unique rather than innovative because Novomatic's Book Of Ra was the first slot to do this as far as I know. Basically, we are talking about an 'expanding scatter' symbol although in the Gladiator slot you aren't always guaranteed to get it when you hit the free spin feature.

I'll let you discover the expanding scatter for yourself (unless you want a video spoiler) but the Gladiator has other stuff to keep you entertained too. There is what I like to call the 'Helmet' bonus (!) and some fantastic video footage and sound clips. It;'s just a fun game to play.

But like lots of fun games to play, Gladiator can be a bit hard to win big on. Unlike games such as Iron Man 2 you get a lot of smaller wins and big hits are few and far between. You really need 5 Caesar symbols in normal play or the free spin feature with expanding scatter to be friendly if you are going to walk off with anything more than a modest profit.

But what Playtech's Gladiator slots will do is keep you playing for a decent amount of time on a limited budget while keeping it entertaining.